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    New Trader from USA !!!

    Hello all, glad I came across this forum.

    In my time of internet browsing I have learned that most websites / landing pages are just singing a song to sell you sand. It is the forums that get down to the nitty gritty and expose the truths that separate fact from fiction.

    I have been out of the trading market for a few years now, used to trade forex, mainly EUR/USD on the 30 min chart. I cut back on it and started pumping up longer term retirement savings. Now I have recently been looking into getting involved in something active and profitable with some leftover cash to assist with generating extra income to add to the nest egg.

    I am USA based, and am hoping I can get in with some decent brokers.

    I will admit, I tried out ExpertOption demo account mainly because of the ease of starting it up and the easy mobile browser, trading their Brent Oil on the 30 second chart. I took the 10k demo account, got it to 20k in a little less than an hour, and have gotten it upto 500k in a few days fooling around with it. I realize those types of gains are unreasonable to expect in the real market, but I am not sure if they are fixing the demo to let me win? I am starting to do currencies with their demo, and side-by-side compare with a demo account I opened on MarketsWorld(MW). I am at about 60% wins at the moment with MW 1min chart for EUR/USD. I account that to switching from the 30sec Brent Oil where I was hitting 90-96% wins(which may have been rigged anyway? not sure...) MW has been a bit more difficult to get the hang of, but waay easier at the moment than Nadex.

    I take it I am supposed to run Nadex on one monitor and metatrader charts on the other.

    I *seem* to do well in the 30 second chart that ExpertOption allows, however I need a broker that has this option and allows USA clients.

    Any suggestions for how I should proceed? Which brokers will accepts US clients, and who has the best asset and expiry options available? or any advice in general?

    Thanks folks, I look forward to any assistance.

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    Hello And welcome to Commmunitraders!

    Nadex is recommended and top rated broker for the US traders.

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    Hey Mate and welcome aboard!

    Please check this Nadex discussion -

    Michael Hodges is the moderator there, a USA based NADEX trader.
    “Don't believe anything you read on the net. Except this. Well, including this, I suppose.” ― Douglas Adams

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    Hi and welcome to CommuniTraders!

    You are right only in forums like this you can see everything behind the scene and find out what's true and what's false. Unfortunately due to US regulations all reputable overseas binary options brokers do not accept US clients. The only choice you have and which btw is very good is NADEX. I don't recommend shady brokers from abroad which accept US clients because it may be quite dangerous to your funds. Try to adapt your strategy to what you have and you will soon see a lot of trading opportunities. Why are you trying to move to 30 sec if you have been trading previously on 30 min charts?
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    I suppose the reluctance of the 30min chart is due to being rusty, and a bit out of touch with the market trends and news for the longer-term predictions. Where as with the expertoption demo acct, on the 30 second charts, my eyes and brain were calculating based off of short term historical movements to analyze and make predictions(in addition to Bollinger bands, alligator, and RSI). I know trading without an idea of the general upward/downward movement(news/event based) is not recommended, but it was a demo acct and I had a 4 hr ride while on holiday so I just jumped in on the 30 second chart and got the 10k to 100k in that 4 hr time span.

    Has anyone else used their demo? It felt too easy on the Brent Oil, I was riding/profiting almost every wave up and then the trip back down as well.

    I will dive into the Nadex discussion area and start feasting on info.

    Thanks again, looking forward to growing, and soon enough start trading and managing a journal here.

    So should I stop using the other demo accts since Nadex will be my broker/platform? or should I just adjust the other demos to the same time frames charts as I would be using on Nadex?

    Also, should I look at this as a pre-cursor/training to normal forex trading? is that essentially what this is doing, is minimizing loss while learning the markets enough to take actual forex lot positions? Do most advance to regular trading, or stick with binary options for the long term? Just curious as to what has been noticed around here.

    Thanks again for the assistance and pointing me in the right direction. So much mis-information out there, it is great to see a community that is trying to help build each other up, instead of scamming each other.

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    Hey, happy to help There is no single answer to your questions. In general binary options are simpler and easier to setup risk/reward. They are not better or worse than spot forex, just other way to express your view of the market and your trading ideas. Many novice traders love it and many seasoned guys also trade regularly binary options. About the demo you are trading now, it is really better to use NADEX demo and to become familiar with it, but it is not a problem to use other demo platforms as well. We also have a free demo account together with your forum account so you can trade while surfing in the community!
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    yeah, be very wary of the demo accounts.. it is almost a certainty that they are rigged to let you win, build a false sense of security so that you go in fully charged and lose your ass with real trading.

    NADEX is the way to go, versatility, payouts, time frames, charts (they have good charts for trading with the strikes/options listed on the chart for speedy trading)

    be sure to ask my any questions, get into the nadex forum we have and use their demo account, it is not rigged and a good place to practice.

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    WElocme to BOTS, magicfingers

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    Thanks all, such a warm welcome. I am getting settled in to the Nadex broker's area, and exploring around. So much to absorb.

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    Welcome on board man!

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