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    Hi from South Africa !!!

    Hello BOTS
    My name is Al, and I am from South Africa. I am a novice binary trader. I followed your BOTS school and completed all levels, watched the many videos on your Youtube channel, particularly around the importance of PA, key S/R levels and pattern recognition, and have been a passive member on the Skype group.
    I opened a real account with Ayrex on the 8th Dec 2016. To date (1 month)I have made 48 trades.ITM 29, OTM 19, with an ITM win rate of 60,4%. My account has increased by 51% over this period based on my win rate, using a 5-7% risk per trade. I don't know where these results would fit measured up to fellow novice traders, but they feel average to me.
    I know its a common issue, but I feel what is really limiting me is my psychology/confidence. This affects my entry timings, and my ability to analyze and chart whilst I have another trade running, as I feel I need to watch each second of the running trade(5-20min expiries), and this is terrible for my heart and anyone around me .
    I have never run a parallel trade, with 2 or more running simultaneously. Always sequentially. Let the first trade complete, assess the result, then move on to the next round of analysis, then place next trade.
    I have been strict with my MM rules. If I have an OTM on my first trade of the day I quit for the day. No exceptions. I also quit for the day after 3 consecutive ITMs. As soon as I experience my fist OTM after having 1 or more ITM preceding it, I adjust my risk to 7%. If its ITM, great, if not I stop for the day.
    I have also used 3 different strategies during my first month.
    1: Using the 1 min chart, I place reversals for 5min at key S/R levels, depending on the trend direction. I know its not advised, but I also use the Stoch to let me know oversold and overbought areas to add another level of confirmation. Also an RSI above and below 75/25 as the 3rd confirmation.
    2: As above, using the 5 min chart, for 15-20 expiries.
    3: A new one for me but I have been using the above/below, no touch option on Ayrex. This strat is purely based on trend direction around key S/R levels, with 10 minute put/call entries. Works quiet well on slow trending markets, too much volatility and the trade is dead.

    Anyways I appreciate any feedback from the group, and strive to be a better binary trader, by keeping my head in check

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    Hello Gordon!

    Welcome to Communitraders!

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    Hey there Gordon! Slow down my friend, it's hard to read your post without spacing (:

    Why don't you open a new diary here -

    and maybe divide what you've to say to a few posts. Will make it easier on all of us reading what you've to say!

    Welcome aboard!
    “Don't believe anything you read on the net. Except this. Well, including this, I suppose.” ― Douglas Adams

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    welcome aboard, sounds like you are off to a good start.

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    Welcome Gordon to our community

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