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    herculex binary robot !!!

    i ve been trying to upload this for you guys to share n test but i couldn't someone should please put me through use this ea on mt4 binary platform
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    Legendry Member Michael Hodges's Avatar
    Yeah, right, whatever. Haven't you seen our video where we show how easy it is to make up a winning spreadsheet like that? You got to give us more than just that. What is the robot, what does it do, how does it work, what kind of signals ie how are they delivered etc....

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    give me ur email i wanted to in but i could not it trade on binary mt4 platform

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    You lost and you in wrong place man...

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    Please dont just show us a screenshot. Provide with more informations as Micheal mention.
    Why MUST Micheal GIVE you his email? You want to scam him? Not easy, man!!!! Whatever it is share it on the forums; we are open and transparent..................

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    it seems you guys don't read attachments does not aspect ex4 file am not scamming anyone the email just for me to give someone to test period u can check out the video
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