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    Laptop- mac or windows??? !!!

    Hi guys. I have to buy a new laptop and I have always used windows. A lot of my friends have said go with a mac. I really want to try the mac out. Have many of you used mac or windows for all these applications with binary options?? I'm looking for pros and cons for both!

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    My main computer is a Mac and I use the default platform from my broker. If you like using indicators and EAs and is a fan of MT4 then I'll suggest a Windows computer. Mac can run MT4 but it's just a pain and not that reliable. You can use parallel and run it on Wine but it's still crashes a lot. Some use Bootcamp to install Windows alongside OSX but why not just use a Windows machine if you are going to do this. Also read about the new macOSSierra before you get a Mac and see if you like it... I'm still on OSX El Capitan and will not be upgrading

    I also have 2 crappy Windows laptops (Atom and Core 2 Duo, lol!) and though they are dinosaurs, MT4 works like butter.
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    U don't need Windows to run a software for tracking the price, I use XM and its more or less the same as MT4, same features and layouts is basically the same !

    Id suggest u to get an iMac instead of a laptop if u are thinking of trading seriously ( the 27' would be sweet ), The last MacBooks Pro were not what pple expected some upgrades will be made later this year, if u are only using your laptop for soft purposes then u don't need a MacBook Pro, maybe a MacBook Air suits u better, but then u will need for sure one extra screen in order to have a comfortable layout to trade.. Im using a 13' mid 2012 Mc pro, I study architecture and I use all heavy softwares for curricular purposes and laptop still runs smooth as hell but whenever I trade I always need an extra screen.

    So u might 1rst want to ask yourself what u need the laptop or computer for ?
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    I use WIN 10 PRO. So far so good binary options trading.
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    you can always get a MAC, its a better machine, and then partition the hard drive so it will start with either MAC OS or Windows. then you can have both.

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    From personal experience, mac is great for video/photo editing, for web design,
    and similar tasks.

    For trading, charting etc, all I hear is people having issues with mac. It's always the same slogan "... I can't do this or that because I have a mac"
    So choose wisely. Are you going to edit videos, create websites? Or are you gonna play games, use MetaTrader and do "regular" stuff?
    Then get a PC and save yourself the trouble.

    So it's about YOUR needs!
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    Hmmmmmm thanks guys. I think i might have to sway with the PC. I'll only be using for general internet and trading with metatrader 5. No editing or creating websites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Hodges View Post
    you can always get a MAC, its a better machine, and then partition the hard drive so it will start with either MAC OS or Windows. then you can have both.
    Agree. Mac is better and stronger hardware and software.

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    Yep, windows not the best for trading.. Yesterday I had more than a second delay in my order submission. For me it is not acceptable even if I am not a scalper I don't like it. And it was entirely due to a windows problem. I am still with 7 but will move soon to 10. Btw I also have two systems on the same PC, the second one is Ubuntu Linux. Very satisfied with it and even traded there. Seems the platform work very smoothly and without any delay at all. Unfortunately it is difficult to run mt4/mt5 on linux, but there are other possibilities for charting on linux like TradingView Pro and OANDA fxtrade also working smoothly on linux. I never had Mac yet, but maybe this will be my next small investment
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    Im a Mac guy, proud owner of Macbook Pro mid 2012, fantastic computer. Never gets stuck, restart quickly, and you have all charting you need.
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