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    Canadian man dies by suicide !!!

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    This is a real shame, and brings to light a number of issues... too bad binary options will take the blame, and not the scammers or the situation that led to such despair.

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    I agree... I think that all regulated BO brokers should have limit on deposits.. MAX ~10k
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    Im also shocked ! this is terrible news... but lets face the true guys, the "wellington dude" never put a gun on that guy's head or chest, he (Turbide) was grown enough to know wether to trust his money to an unknown person, his wife said that he had been trading for several months and yet didn't know about the BO dangers or the bunch of scammers out there ?

    I fight with all my heart the scammers and those suckers who only want to get money out of innocent - to put it somehow - people but theres an ugly truth behind all this... in BO we don't need sellers in order to buy or buyers in order to sell, we bet against the broker and the broker doesn't want to loose either, so its them or us, in order to some pple profit there has to be hundreds loosing otherwise this business wouldn't exist, and thats kind of a bottom line.

    I don't think its fair or even legal what some brokers do stalking pple for days or weeks, but FELLAS, who fall for them ? I WOULD NEVER EVER TRUST MY MONEY TO ANYONE! and regarding those calls from the brokers: its so easy to say: No, I have a billionaire friend giving me signals I don't need any of u leave me alone, and I assure u that they won't call again cuz I have been there....

    So my point is this: no broker had the fault. And that guy who pushed the dude "mentally" should go to jail and the government shud shut down the company but GUYS GUYSSSS come onnnnnnnn, no body is in front of u pulling the trigger, and no one will do! all u have to do is make your own research and don't trust no body cuz all promises of easy money in this or any other business are a beautiful lie !

    im really sorry about that guy's family
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    Just be cautious and dont fall into the trap of scammers

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    I think we need to educate ppl about this . ..

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    shit, that's an horrifying story... Poe from the stories i've heard, there are some "brokers" and "account managers" who puts impossible pressure on people. They could suck you into 5k, lose it all and completely convince you to invest another 10k if you want to recover your losses. And they call you 100 times a day, from different numbers, telling stories and you're already invested, that's an impossible loop. Don't take the blame away from this broker. And I truly hope the account manager now has lots to think about.
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    Very very sad story about that man,feel sorry for all family.
    Yes Martin in my practice I was forced,pushed from BOSS CAPITAL "strategy manager" Dona Morgan load in my account 10000EU to achieve
    miracele results in short time.I remember that discusion,it was quit strickt and I had to make decision in short time or even straight now,becouse she sayd"no more opportunity like no or never".Simply bitch nothing to say more.....
    Work hard in silence,let your success be your noise...

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    Very bad things.

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