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    stockpair chart? !!!

    Hello I've been trading for a while with stockpair, but their price movement is not the same as tradingview or freestockchart, could you tell me if there is any website with charts that shows the same movement as stockpair? I asked them already about it and they couldnt answer me. Maybe you can
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    the price will never ever be the same if u are using a different platform to track the price or make your own analysis..

    1, 2 even 3 difference is okish brah ! the most important thing is that the platform u are using to track the price is consistent

    here are the prices on the left Stockpair on the right side TradingView as u can see they don't differ even by a single pip just a few pippettes !
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    I will post it here the same real time price stockpair/mt4 trading platfom. It is accepted for trading. 5 points different in prices.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I understand guys and I dont really care about the price if its the same or not, all I care about is if the price on my chart moves EXACTLY the same as brokers price. And according to trading view, sometimes for example they have spike that dont happen on my brokers chart.

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