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    Hello from Brazil too! !!!

    Hello from Brazil too! How is Bruno? Hello everyone!
    I Elcio live in sao paulo Brazil! I use the iqoption platform too Bruno! I would be happy to exchange experiences ...

    The iqoption platform is reliable and I make money from it! so I use the only platform for lancar my operations
    The tecanica analysis I do in tradingview where study in real time the best occasions of scap 60 seconds

    Let's talk, I'll add on Skype.

    I am here to help

    Hugs to all


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    Are u here to help or to be helped ? didnt get u.. anyways welcome !
    "He who makes a BEAST of himself, gets rid the pain of being a MAN" S.J

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    Hello Elcio!

    Welcome to Communitraders!


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    I think you accidentally posted a new topic, instead of answering as a comment?

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    I think he's trying to draw newbies into his web of deceit, add us on Skype? help us trade? help you make a commission is more like it.

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    Nice to see that there are traders from Brazil using this forum. I am also situated in Brazil - that is in Northern Brazil along the French Border. At the present time, I am using my demo account to improve my strategy in order to improve my +70% winning ratio. I am hoping to use my real account at the end of this month.

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