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    Metatrader 5 RSI disappeared????? !!!

    Hi guys.
    I was just fiddling around with metatrader 5 on my iPhone and I was looking at some candlestick charts and the RSI was displayed at the bottom. I did something and pressed something and the RSI box disappeared. It now shows just the candlesticks on the display and I have tried everything from settings etc etc but can't seem to get the RSI box back. What to do!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mick View Post
    What to do!!!!!!
    Don't trade on the cellphone..
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    Mick,just to try uninstall and install again MT5,but in my opinion trading on cellphone is not best way,unless trader has lot of experience and knowledge...

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    Trial and error my friend trial and error. Try again. Give it a few minutes, you are giving up too soon
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