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    Live Price Action Skype Group – Signals, Forecasts, 1-on-1 Education and more! !!!

    Hey everyone! We have now moved on and started a new trading group where the focus is price action trading.
    You can get a sample of that by checking out the Playlist here on CommuniTraders Live YouTube channel. You can also see our trading diary with where you can see samples of trades that we have taken live.

    For more information about the Binary Options Skype group and how to join - Read here:

    This is a paid group and the focus is to teach you all the advanced techniques you need but we also trade live in group
    and this way you will learn from the various unique market situations that occur on a daily basis such as;
    trends, patterns, convergence/divergence, breakouts, channels, support and resistance, multi-timeframe analysis and a whole lot more!

    You will also learn the *secrets* of how to pick entries and expiries and predict the market in the most accurate way.
    We start each day by setting up targets such as important trendlines and horizontal lines and by identifying patterns
    that can be used for trading opportunities – this way you will also gain experience from studying these market situations.

    Be your own boss
    The best part is that you can trade on your own once you gain some skills while taking advantage from my forecasts and signals on the side.
    Usually, I have noticed that most students gain enough skills to also trade on their own after a while. The more you are active the faster you learn
    and my forecasts and signals will help you get there faster.

    See what we have been up to!
    Examples of such trades and forecasts that I mentioned above will be posted here in this thread with
    links to the Members War Room – where there is a thread dedicated to sharing parts of what we have traded or discussed during our Skype sessions.

    ►► Click here to check out the CommuniTraders-Live Skype Group Diary ◄◄

    Join us on Skype today and schedule your first 1-on-1 lesson so you can participate in the Skype group,
    learn, trade and earn! How to? Just add us on Skype: “CommuniTraders-Live”

    OBS! We are offline during the weekends, new Skype friend-requests will only be accepted
    Monday to Friday but you can add us at any time and wait until we accept your request. Thank you!
    I am usually active in the group around 9 GMT-17 GMT during bank days (10 GMT-18 GMT summer time)
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    Hey Traders!

    I am Milos,trader since many years and I will be there in the group too and be of additional help and support. I have good knowledge of fundamental trading but also charting.
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    Our Trading Diary is up!

    You can see sample of discussed subjects and shared live signals:

    CommuniTraders-Live Skype Group
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    Its nice that u finally posted about the group !

    Must say that i have learnt more in a couple of weeks then the few months i have been trading now. Sweet also that u and also Milos are encouraging us all the time not to just blindly follow signals but also make our own analysis and study every chart posted by the pros !

    Since i entered the group my win rate increased a lot, im taking very few trades a day, controlling now the pulse and step by step reaching my money goals keeping a strict MM and RM !

    keep it up for the group !
    "He who makes a BEAST of himself, gets rid the pain of being a MAN" S.J

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    Thanks for the kind words poe, aka Enne =)
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    The idea to learn trading in the Skype group is pretty cool. After blindly following indicators and loosing money I joined your Skype group and now I can say that day by day I feel more and more confident taking my own trades - and of course, slowly but surely, the money in my real account started to grow. I still need to learn a lot but with your help ( special thanks to Okane and Milos for sharing your knowledge ) in the Skype group, I'm on the right way.
    What I like the best is the live analysis during the day so we (beginners) also learn to spot profitable trades and also the hints when potential profitable trade opportunities are about to appear during the day.

    So please keep up the good work.


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    Thank you atze! Good to know you are learning, of course you should have creds for your own efforts too, good job!
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    Updated the diary with two trades that were shared live in the Skype group:

    Check them out here
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    I was not sure of the idea of the paid group in the beginning. But now, after it's been running for a while, I could say that, it's really going beyond what I had thought before. It's truly a great job Okane & Milos did, thanks a lot for all the efforts, time and energy.

    Noticing that newbies could follow the live trades, and have the profit too at the same time they learn to be their own master/boss, I think it's really wonderful. My pleasure to read the progress of the active group members in the chat to be in profit every night before I went to sleep.

    Keep up the great work Okane & Milos, many thumbs up!! And thanks to the active newbies too who share their progress, soon, you'll inspire more newbies to keep up with your running speed, it's really great!!
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    Hey all, wanted to share this put on UJ

    Lately we have been learning tons about divergence but mainly CONVERGENCE, how S/R lines act stonger depending on Convergence... and we took this put after we saw the level 275 acted before as strong support first, then we had a peak on hte same line but rather waited for the stochastic gets OB on several TF and it did when we took teh trade, it was OB from M1-M30 so that was the when we pulled the trigger.

    Also as you see there was the trend and price retrace back to the trend and also the EMAs twice so a double peak was happening as well..

    A nice put that was all along ITM

    Click image for larger version. 

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    "He who makes a BEAST of himself, gets rid the pain of being a MAN" S.J

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