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    The CommuniTraders-Live Skype Group Diary !!!

    Hey all.
    Here I will share various stuff from our Live Skype sessions!

    Here is a thread about the Private Skype Group - Learn how to join! ◄◄ Read the first post there to find out more info!

    What I share here are samples from trades shared live with the group and sometimes the various subjects that we have discussed there!
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    Example of a trade taken on the AUDUSD, we used a trendline that happened to also be intercepted by an EMA.

    However, this is not everything, the important part here was the right entry and expiry, because if you look at your charts you will see
    that price later broke that trendline and continued - which was something I feared, hence the recommended 10-15min expiry to the group!

    Regarding the entry, I used a lower TF to find out whether it would keep going up or not - these are the things you learn with us!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Aussie_Signal_put-min.jpg 
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    Here is another trade on the AUDUSD.

    This target for the call option was predicted hours before price reached it!
    We waited patiently and traded other assets in the meanwhile but eventually the aussie rushed towards our trendline
    and I signaled a call option. Recommended expiry from me was 15-30 minutes.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Aussie_Signal-min.jpg 
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    Students asked how I could "know" price was going to hold at that level precisely? So close, almost to the pip accurate?
    Well, price action analysis, experience and skills =)
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    Here is one of the trades from today, a call option on EURUSD.
    The opportunity was again spotted about an hour before price reached the target.
    It was simple, we had a trendline and a supportline. We waited patiently and I give the go for the call at target
    for 10-15min expiry.

    Notice how accurate the entry was in relation to the low of the candle!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	EURUSD170320Call-min.jpg 
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ID:	6792Click image for larger version. 

Name:	EURUSDCAll170320-min.jpg 
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    Nice charts Okane!

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    Here are the two trades shared live simultaneously on USDJPY 10min put and AUDUSD 15 min put, the arrow marks the entry (when I gave the go)
    and the cross marks the expiry for each asset! 10 min vs 15 min on respective asset. Method used = price action! Identification of strong resistance in this case.

    Edit added higher TF pictures as per requested:
    H1 AudUsd - entry on that touch at EMA/White resistance line.

    UsdJpy M5 entry, displayed via trendline: - entry signal was given when it touched the line at 111.200

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	AUDUSDUSDJPY-min.jpg 
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    Hey Okane! Don't you think it is better to present such trades a bit higher time frame to see where the resistance levels came from and what's the overal picture. I know this way the details will be lost but.. maybe best will be to have both higher time frame (H1 or H4) and lower 5 or 15 min. What do you think? Also it will be great if the marks show the exact entry point and exit point. Now it seems they only show the entry/exit candles.
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    Yes the entries in those cases where supposed to be at the line (touch on white line) also it's different from person to person
    where they entered so I can't know exact but in this case the people who copied won, I can ask them to post here they results.

    Edit: Kolyo, I added two more pictures showing more!
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    Well i will make my contribution here !

    Im gonna show this 15M put on UJ, the pair was bit crazy today jumping from one line to the lower and we were just trying to catch that daily bounce, in the end the H4 closed on the 111 level ( purple line ) and price started to rise, nevertheless we managed to spot a strong line that ( 201 ) that had acted before as both S/R so we thought that could be a nice entry for a 10-15 min put since price was quite OB in some TF + EMA 99 was placed right on the line giving us the confirmation we wanted to trade a short retracement .

    so in summarise !

    - ema 99 acting as resistance
    - strong level acted before as S/R
    - OB in some TF form 5-30
    - finally retreacement was happening so that's how we managed to choose the expiry

    In general a very good put that ended up ITM from the first second we took the trade

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Excellent analysis and bearish trend on USD/JPY. Nice put option.

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