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    General error with Stockpair - copy trades from CT !!!

    When i click on copy trade from the bottom of the trade history and also when i am looking at the platform threads it redirects me to an error page with stockpair and says that the problem has been logged etc etc. this only happens when i click on copy trade.
    i have connected with stockpair so i don't know why it is doing this.

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    Administrator Martin Kay's Avatar
    Hey Mick,

    I moved your thread here since it's not a problem with stockpair, it's actually a problem with copying trades on CT

    the easiest way to copy trades directly to your stockpair account is by using the "Live Signals" tab. The idea behind CT is that you can copy OPEN trades made by other members. So if you try and copy a trade from your OWN open live trades it might fail.. sorry for that(:

    let me know if it works for you now. Also the check the "Quick tour" on the top of the page for more info.
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