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Thread: Hi Im new here

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    Hi Im new here !!!

    Im new looking for some good working strategy

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    Quote Originally Posted by anwersaeed540 View Post
    Im new looking for some good working strategy
    Hey welcome!
    Best strategy is to gain some experience reading charts but of course, you can take a look at our
    "Strategies thread" and browse through some of the strategies members are using.
    But the best strategies require traders that have at least the basic knowledge of price action. The more you can read the charts and the more
    understanding of indicators you have the better a strategy will work for you.
    Most pro traders here will tell you the same thing, "it's their skills that make them succeed, not a strategy they found".
    But everyone has to start somewhere so see the strategy as a mean of getting experience.
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    Hi! What is your experience with BOs? May be you should try reading the School articles and then look for a strategy? Working strategies are those who work for your habits and trading style. No one can tell you a great strategy being sure that it will be great for you. Good luck and let us help with what we can.

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    Welcome to Communitraders!

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    Welcome on board!
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