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    2 Questions from a newbie trader !!!

    Hi Guys

    Hope you're all well - firstly, just want to thank everyone for the solid advice the other night.. today I made 11 trades of which 9 were good. Small trades of £20 each but still I just want to learn right now and build myself up.

    I have just 2-3 questions if you don't mind..

    1. Where can I find reliable signal sources from 5min-15min signals?
    2. I have been using as a signal indicator i.e. StrongBuy Buy(10) and Sell (0). Is this a reliable source? I would like more than one to cross-check.
    3. Speaking to today, I was told that binary options is a massive scam and that only the broker ever wins as they push you to invest more. My broker at StockPair is quite pushy, wanting me to put down a £5k deposit tomorrow without thinking about my financial circumstances. This has got me very worried.. a quick search online "StockPair Scams" brought up a guys diary where he said for a year he sang nothing but songs of praises and now realises stockpair is a scam..

    Please I just want some reassurance really.. I've deposited £2k into my stockpair account and I haven't got another £3k to give the broker tomorrow.. I'm worried about the money I have invested and is it really worth my time if they never really let you win? Maybe the platform is rigged?

    This is all speculation after my reading online and my gut feeling me off - I love how easy the platform is to use and I'm really enjoying binary options, I hope they are wrong and you guys will instill some confidence back in me !

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    Ps. I know a few of you mentioned about my screenshots the other night being useless so I didn't bother tonight.. I know nothing about candlesticks and what to look for when making graphs so that's why I haven't started a diary or anything yet. When i get some time I will look into all that.. only just found out today what StrongBuy and StrongSell meant haha.

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    I strongly suggest you to withdraw all your money off the broker ( i really hope u didnt accept any bonus that can somehow attach u to the broker ) .... Once u did that. STOP TALKIN WITH THE BROKER! STOP TALKIN TO THEMMMM they just want your money, they just want u to invest MORE AND MORE AND MORE, so u LOSE MORE AND MORE AND MORE, so they earn MORE AND MORE AND MORE !

    Next call u get from them, apply my trick, u dont want to recieve anymore call from them cuz u have a BILLIONAIRE FRIEND that is givving you signals.... OR SAY THAT U HAVE HIV and u will go to the OFFICE in the contact and start spitting blood all over the place... Believe me, they wont call again, the door of your house might get knocked by an ambulance but they WONT BREAK YOUR BALLS AGAIN ! they just wanna cheat on you... thye are not your friends.

    About investing, stop relying on those signals, they are super avg ! Learn how to trade price action step by step, read books about trader's mindset and start a journal so pros can give u feedback.... Otherwise if u want a shortcut, get a very very small slice of the money u will withdraw tomorrow and contact OKANE, so he can add you to the PAID PRIVATE group ( I AM ONE OF THE MEMBERS THERE MYSELF ) and u will learn in 1-2 month more than your whole life + i can assure you u some good trades will go out. U will learn concepts like, trends, reversals, candlesticks, pattern formations, OB/OS values, divergence, convergence, analysing charts from diff TF perspectives and many more things...

    But please.... Withdraw all that money and start small or just trade on Demo until u feel comfortable enough to go live, i know guys here been trading for 6 months they are really good and yet do demo to gain confidence !

    hope this helps, if u have any questions dont hesitate
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    Thank you!
    When i made initial deposit it did offer me a £500 bonus, which I accepted. However, this was before the broker contacted me.. when she made contact and made me do the remaining deposit to make £2k.. the system offered me another bonus and she said do not accept it.

    Is there a live platform where i can trade which will not scam me?

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    Hey there!

    First, it seems you have NOT been through our school. If you had, you would know that you
    and the broker are in a conflict of interest and the last thing you want to do is to even talk to
    an account manager. However, I would not use threats like above mentioned.

    Kindly say, the next time broker calls you: "I wish no more calls and only contact by e-mail, we are in a conflict of interest
    and I will not follow your recommendations on deposits or trading. I only want you to handle withdrawals or if I have any issues. You have my email,
    thank you, have a nice day"

    Next he will start talking about how you are "not in a conflict of interest and he only makes money when you do bla bla and there is a large oil tanker that
    is like gonna explode and oil prices will go up and everyone is investing their mothers cancer medicine so sure don't deposit be a loser bla bla"

    To which you laugh a little and say "Nice try but I take no recommendations from you or any broker, thanks for calling but please do not call again, use my e-mail
    I am not going to discuss this again"

    End of story /that's is for any brokers in general, whether you are in forex, BO, whatever not just your broker.

    Now regarding Stockpair, they will pay out. I don't know of cases where they haven't. I know a couple cases where people got
    their accounts closed but they got their money so they could move on to another broker.

    Also, look behind you real quick, any one there with a gun saying you have to deposit more? Nah... no one I hope? So stop panicking.

    Brokers are salesmen, just like your bank, they want your money. And yes, it's not a secret that in BO they earn when you lose. Again, please go through the school
    before you throw in thousands of dollars.

    Regarding those other sources saying BO is a scam. BO itself is not a scam but many brokers have been bad. This is starting to change with new CySec rules and regulations such as
    "withdrawals being processed within the same day" and "No more bonuses or bonus traps" so BO is looking to become much safer.

    Regarding signals, I do share signals and also teach how to trade but it costs a fee.
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    Thank you Okane!
    Where can I find the school? I do want to learn.
    Also I will private message you to discuss the signals you offer, I don't want to stop trading so to get signals and learn would be great

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    Quote Originally Posted by LondonGeezer View Post
    Thank you Okane!
    Where can I find the school? I do want to learn.
    Also I will private message you to discuss the signals you offer, I don't want to stop trading so to get signals and learn would be great
    Here is the school, on the main site:

    There are multiple sections. Learn about money management, how brokers work, account managers,
    reading terms and conditions being important then move on to technical analysis.

    Sure get in touch, glad to help!
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    I use Stockpair. I don't know why you have a problem. Please don't listen your account manager. Okane gave you advice.

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    Milos. Doesn't Stockpair have also a demo account? I asked for it some time ago, and they said Yes they have, but you have to open a real account and deposit money before you can use the demo account. Is this still so with Stockpair?

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    A few years ago I was deposited money in real account. You have to get demo automatic when you deposit the money in real account. Now I don't know.

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