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    Round 2 (minus the YouTube Martingale videos) !!!

    Hi, I am returning to binary options after last year when I lost a couple of hundred trying the Martingale method with the rainbow moving average method (as suggested by the tutorial videos on IQOpions website. I got stressed, lost and quit but I knew wasn't doing it right. So I'm back for round two and willing to practice until fully confident.

    I have been practicing currently using a combination of RSI and Bollinger bands, as well as going against the trend (IQoptions again). It's mostly working out ok but I know it could be better. But I don't trust the videos you generally see on YouTube so I've come here.

    I'm willing to invest more time in to BO and eventually a bit of cash to grow.

    Hello from me,

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    Yes Martingale is a really bad and designed to give you a negative outcome.
    We have a video on it here:

    Check out our channel instead where I publish real trading and charting techniques.

    Just focusing on the indicators is not a good idea in the long run. Try to interpret the charts, we have good articles
    on price action, support and resistance and a school full of information:
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    Yes Okane,I know from my"practice"also,Martingale really sucks...

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    Don't try martingale again. It never works unless you have unlimited capital. And by unlimited I don't mean few more thousands to your account, I mean really infinite haha
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Hey! Welcome back! Martingale is as close to gambling as possible.

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