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Thread: Peeing Uphill

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    Peeing Uphill !!!

    <div id="trade_share_post_122462" data-rest-id="trade" data-rest="122462" data-template="trade_share_post" data-function="render_trade_share_post">it broke 2 resists on the way up, this trade was made at the end of the breaking 5min candle.
    It's been moving on Stoch from 5M up to 1H timeframe. i still took the trade because i thought it still has some room to go higher. (perhaps even till next target 1.070. Hence 15 min expiry. I could have taken 10mins but i calculated 1 bearish candle possible on it's way up. I think i will just catch it at it's peak and perhaps make a call again if it end ATM/OTM and bounces on the S/R it just broke.</div>

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    Look at that! Here's how my chart looked.

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    i did not take a call on the bounce. It was such a nice bullish candle with the gap and considering my luck today, i thought i'd pass.

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