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Thread: divergent call

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    divergent call !!!

    <div id="trade_share_post_122473" data-rest-id="trade" data-rest="122473" data-template="trade_share_post" data-function="render_trade_share_post">Woke up this morning and saw a touch of the trendline on the 5 min chart. (The previous 1 min candles had just touched the downward R line 3 times. Stoch was showing oversold on all levels (plus there was a local divergence on the 1 min chart with a lower high but higher high on Stoch.) I took an hour trade which in hindsight was perhaps a bad idea but i was late on my shorter term entry and didn't really know if i should still get in. I decided a longer term entry because of the stoch convergence on different timeframes. After the trade i saw that the retracement actuall sloped up (while before it went horizontal(ish) ) which gave me an indication it might actually continue up after breaking the R after all. We will see. Lesson here... even though an agressive entry can be good, make sure you have time to do proper analysis before and let the trade pass.</div>

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    It broke out again after all

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