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    I just recently found these forums and wanted to say "hello" to you. !!!

    Hi, BOTS/CommuniTraders members,

    I just recently found these forums and wanted to say "hello" to you.

    I am a retired professional trader/risk manager for a private prop trading firm. I spent most of my trading career using technical analysis and options to swing trade the ETF & Equity options on the U.S.-listed exchanges.

    I am retired from the corporate setting and have been trading Binary Options (Nadex and Marketsworld) as my primary home-based career.

    I have really enjoyed trading the Nadex binary options. I find these instruments deeply liquid and transparent and fairly priced. Commissions are extremely cheap/fair.

    I use technical analysis on multiple-time frame analyses, and focus on Support and Resistance levels, and Fibonacci Retracement & Extension zones. Other indicators include the MACD and the EMA tools. I have found that looking at multiple time frames have significantly helped in my overall trading accuracy.

    Most of my trades have a defined max risk of loss of (-$1000) (USD). However, because of Nadex, and the ability to adjust, most of my trades are successful. I adjust the positions when it hits +/- 1 std dev, or at key Support/Resistance zones, or at Trend Change points from the multiple time frame technical analysis scenario.

    I would like to meet and openly discuss with other full-time traders especially if trading from home. I am open to sharing the ideas, books, videos, etc., that I have found to be of greatest help for individual trading growth and success.

    I have nothing to sell - I am not affiliated with any trading brokers, platforms, software vendors, etc.

    Just a full-time individual trader from home - and enjoying the extreme short-term focus and advantages of Binary Options.

    In my opinion - there is no better time than now for the individual trader.

    I hope to meet and exchange ideas with you. Thank you!


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    Hey welcome!
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    Hello Aaron!

    Welcome to Communitraders!

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    Hey Hey! we have some great NADEX traders here, Michael Hodges is our very own long time moderator and NADEX traders. Check with him! and welcome aboard!
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    Welcome aboard!

    I too am a NADEX trader, I love it, the liquidity, buy to open sell to close and vice versa, payout ratios greater than 100%, there is very little not to like there. FYI, we have a forum specifically for NADEX so please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us there.

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    Hello Aron and welcome to our family,perosanlly me very interseting about NADEX,I have live and demo accounts,so far I'm using only demo,but have plan to start "live " trading....
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    JHi Aaron, welcome to BOTS. We have several NADEX traders here. Micheal is one of them.
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    hai everyone...

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