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    Having trouble with Communitraders platform !!!

    Hi there. I'm trying to demo trade on your own platform, but for some reason, some trades don't wonna close. It says i have 40$ in open positions(2 trades), but they don't show up anywhere. They are not under open trades, under history... Expiry was 15 mins or 30, so they should have expired yesterday... So i don't really know if i was ITM or not, annoying... Thought it was the browsers problem, so i tried with IE, but the same story happens... Any suggestions. Someone else with the same problems ? Image for clarification:

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    I had the same problem. They closed but only showed up after a couple of days 'in the cloud' :-)

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    Yeah happens sometimes. Give it a few days or a week and it will show up eventually.
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    Hope this gets fixed in the near future. It's bothering me to a point, that i'm actually thinking about switching to another demo platform...

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    Be patients. Sometimes data needs to be updated.

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    The IT guys will look into the issues soon. Be patience and bear with them

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