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    Looking for broker for US stocks Market !!!


    Do you know a broker that can give a demo MT4 account for NYSE stocks, thanks in advance.

    I'm looking for one that I can get on MT4 all the NYSE shares. Let me know.

    Thanks !

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    Hi Floalma,

    This is very good question. There are many mt4 brokers offering some limited number of CFD (contract for difference) on US stocks. In general this is almost the same as trading shares on US stock market - not fully the same, but close to.. However never saw any mt4 broker offering close to full list of US stocks. There are about 3500 US listed companies and most brokers offer only 50-100 of the most popular. I can point here to CMC Markets which offer CFDs on almost all US stocks and many more from all over the world (almost 9000 stocks in total, which is very impressive number). They are reputable and regulated broker, but.. don't offer mt4 but their own platform. I think they offer demo accounts and easily can be tested. Other options to follow US stock online is TradingView. I think every serious trader know about them. They are free web based service, but their feed is delayed by up to 30 min. They offer paid service with real time quotes, but the free service is not fully real time, although it works quite well and I am using it almost every day to check stocks and indexes on US markets. Hope this helps
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    yeah, if you want to trade US stocks you should go to a stock broker website and use their demo account. I'm sure they have one, I use OptionsXpress for that kind of thing. For binary definitely go to NADEX. The binary options are great and they have the bull/bear spreads if you want to do a little more leverage and trade the pips. Also has a demo account,

    NADEX Review

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    Thank you for your answer.
    About CMC, I couldn't find quotations and graphics for KMX,KLAC, KOHL and MACYS.
    On TradingView, as you know, they don't offer for free charts with more than 3 indicators. It's a little heavy for the browser. It can freeze my browser from time to time, not recommended. It's pity because TradingView could offer a nice alternative.

    Michael, OptionsXpress, don't offer any demo account.

    I prefer to get a demo MT4 account with a huge US stock list.

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    I will try to figure it out Maybe we will find a mt4 broker offering CFDs on wide range of US stocks. Keep in mind they are most bucket shops and not very good alternative for trading, but can do the job for charting purpose. TradingView live chart is working very well for me. No freezing of the chart. Maybe you need a little bit more RAM and multicore processor for trading. Investing in hardware these days is always a wise investment for a trader. I don't believe any serious trader is using ipad or iphone for trading. This is just for bragging haha

    If you want to trade Stocks than the best option is Interactive Broker. You need 5-10k and you are ready, but their platform sucks and I don't like using it. Other good broker which I think have demo is Thinkorswim. Their platform is much better than InteractiveBrokers. I have tested it in the past. The bad here is their commissions are too high for stockstrader, but check it maybe it will help you with charting!
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Hi Floalma, FXCM provides US stocks on their MT4 platform but is resticted to live accounts only not on demo. They also have UK and Euro stocks as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Floalma View Post

    Michael, OptionsXpress, don't offer any demo account.

    I prefer to get a demo MT4 account with a huge US stock list.
    UMMMMMM, yes they do... .here is the link... they call it virtual trading... and Ps, you aren't going to find an MT4 broker like you are looking for, MT4 was created for forex, they just don't support a lot of stock trading.

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