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    Strategy Market SWP Portfolio !!!

    I've been approached by a company called Strategy Markets who are offering a fully automated trading portfolio they call their "SWP Portfolio".

    They use their own automated software that runs their own rules. They are claiming 70% success rate with their software. It primarily trades in forex.

    They are claiming average monthly returns of 3% and want an initial £20,000 deposit with inability to withdraw for the first year.

    They claim they make money by taking 10% of the profit generated.

    As a complete newbie to forex/binary options, I thought it wise to ask what are your thoughts are?

    Are these returns realistic? Does anyone have any experience with Strategy Markets or their SWP Portfolio?

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    Well, it's easy this one.

    You see, you can already know it's a scam based on your first sentence:

    "A company approached me"
    This is how easy money scams usually start, a company approaches you somehow, through email or cold calls.

    Next warning sign is:

    "they CLAIM to have 70% success rate"

    third warning sign is:

    "they have some magic software" yeah right... all the scammers online have a magic 70-99% winning software.

    Final verdict, big scam and thanks for sharing here. Also mention which company it is, it might save lots of people
    lots of money
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    Thanks for share this information. Many traders will be saved by this information.

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