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Thread: Robot lovers

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    Robot lovers !!!

    Take a look at the site BlueSkyBinary/SignalHive. I know nothing about robots, but I get their weekly newsletter, in which they show the weekly results of robots and human traders, and to me the results of the robots look quite good.
    More experienced traders take a look and tell us what do you think. Too good to be true?.

    I have got the impression about the company that they are honest in publishing the results.


    Edit. I guess I can add a screenshot of the results (May 8-12, 2017), because the information is public on their website.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I don't see any reason why some robot can't be legit. However, you should draw a line between robots with the purpose of autotrading straight into your broker's live account, and signals providers who might be using robots to generate signals (signals are provided via software, sms, mail, etc...). I believe that most robots with the ability to connect into one's account should be banned. Those have the ability to manipulate your account, and completely delete your account. Trading signals "manually" is all about the trader.. use it or not, it';s your own call.

    so yes, I beileve that signalhive (to be reviewed soon!) and blueskybinary (same!) could be a legit source of trading signals. BTW - I think there was a member here who was a "teacher" or something for blueskybinary.. not sure if he's around anymore...

    anyone else here have been using them?
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    Martin. Good if BOTS reviews the company. I brought this subject here because of the amazing results of the robots, and I have got a positive impression through their newsletters and webinars, they seem trustworthy. Looking forward to your survey.

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    I'm more like sceptic about robots, I'm simply never will give any access to my account, even feedbacks could be positive...

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    Traders can be used by the trading software. It needs to be tested and proven trading history. I also use UTS signals I explained. I combine them with chart analysis. Why not? It helps me sometimes.

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