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    How do you enter a trade? !!!

    Hi how do i enter a trade? Is there a certain point or price that would show me?

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    You can join our skype group and follow Okane's price actions strategy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blytheglobalnet View Post
    Hi how do i enter a trade? Is there a certain point or price that would show me?
    In one of your earlier posts you said you finished our School and scored pretty high at the quizzes. And now you ask how to enter a trade...?
    What are you referring to exactly? The actions? Like press Call/Put, choose amount etc.? Or the trigger, the reason why you should open it?
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    Hey. I would like to change your question into "How do I trade?"

    So, the answer is:

    1. Go to the Binary Options School

    2. Watch my tutorials on Price Action and Trading in General

    3. Read Trading Journals, in the Members War Room - See how People Trade, what to do and not to do.

    4. Start gaining experience by trying out different techniques and strategies you liked/learned but don't overdo it.
    Try one thing at a time, if you learning trendlines then focus on that for a few days. If you are learning stochastic then
    focus on that and don't use 5 other indies at the same time.

    Ok, I think that will be a good start for you
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    I think he was asking about the method to select entries. Of course you push the button and voila but selecting the entries need strategy, understanding the markets etc.. and Okane is right this is not a question to ask here, First learn and than ask when you have more specific questions - not like this "how to enter a trade?"
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