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    Need Help !!!

    I need to speak to someone about something. Please get in contact with me asap.

    It involves your User Agreement.
    One of your Admins,
    and the legal rights I have that have been infringed more than once.

    I'll explain everything once contacted, or banned, but then I'll go elsewhere with this.

    I have copies of your current agreements, messages I have posted, and what I have not broke, and what unfair punishments I have received from your community of admins.

    All I have been trying to do is find a place to share my experiences as a Novice BO trader, and one of you decided I am a Promotional Advert account, which is false.

    I have been trading for just under 4 full months, decided to get into a group, and because someone decided I was using the wrong Broker to do so, and because I also like the broker I use. I keep getting banned for this!

    How is this fair, or just. Just because I like a broker, that someone does not, I am labeled something I am not, and treated as a whatever it is I keep getting in trouble for.

    I have done nothing, and being treated unfairly just shouldn't be the way anyone runs a forum for people like me.

    I have the right to be here, without having broke a single Code of Conduct, or user related agreement.
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    Hi there,

    If you follow the rules you are more than welcome to stay here, post and participate!

    We do not ban anyone without a reason. If you believe this is your case than we apologize for the mistake!

    Keep in mind that we are constantly bombarded from spammers, hidden broker promoters, affiliates and so on who do not follow our rules and we are forced to ban them, very often without preliminary warnings. We have solid automated spam filtering system and many moderators who are 24/7 here and follow all the discussions in the entire forum. For many years we have very few complains about banning by mistake and are always open to re-evaluate.

    We do not tolerate hidden broker promoting, even if it looks like a genuine honest review on first look! If you like your broker it is totally OK to post positive review in their thread or on the review section of the main site, but when there are false claims of making tones of money with a given broker and posting other intentional stuff - than it is not tolerated. There is clear rules for broker representatives, what they can do here, for affiliates and signal providers and they can stay here IF they follow rules and post in the appropriate section of the site. Otherwise they are banned without preliminary notice.

    Once again, you are welcome here! If you follow the community rules we are not gonna ban your user.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    I wish you welcome in the forum once again. Forum rules must be respected. If I post trades or mt4 charts or trading history it can't see the broker name. I avoid to advertise any broker here.

    As Kolyo previous said we're faced a dozen of scam message every seconds. It includes hidden broker promotions, affiliates and lots of video links and name mentioned.

    Once again I wish you welcome.

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    That is understandable. I made a post with an account that mentioned making a bit of money off my very first night, and also mentioned how the odds turned on me and that I lost it all. I was trying to convey an experience I had starting out, and I know who is doing it, because they are also an Admin of another forum site I tried joining a few weeks ago.

    They decided I was something, and without a compelling reason or argument as to why he may have been wrong, also calling me stupid. I made several accounts trying to convey why he was wrong, and he banned them. Again without verifiable proof as to why, other than his own self decided opinion. I also made a few accusations of my own against him, which I know, you should never argue with admins. But the fact he removed those comments, and banned them accounts, made the accusations a little more true than his self righteous opinions.

    I would like nothing more than be part of a group, learning from and teaching to, but how am I supposed to feel okay with what I post, if what I post is misconstrued by one guy. I don't want this to happen again, and I would very much like the ban lifted on my OA. I know I'm going to forget this one eventually. Its not my user name, I have the same name for just about everything. Having another acc user name is going to throw me off.

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    We only ban spammer and scammers. We do not and will not ban normal comments unless it's offensive and abusive.
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    I would like you to review the ban on The24thPanzer then, because it says PermaBan, No reason, Lift Never.

    It spammed nothing, nor did it use any offensive or Abusive language.

    The fact I have mentioned the account name is more than likely going to get this account banned, and I already forgot the password and had to reset it. But the password itself was the same as most my other ones.

    I'd appreciate it, or at least a reason as to why I was banned on that account, without reason, and a perma ban at that.

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