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    New to BO !!!


    Noob here, been looking into Binary Options for a good while, been thinking about it.

    I know it's not a get Rich quick thing etc. Just been interested in methods and strategies you guys have.

    Okay, I know I'll probably have an onslaught of comments for my age, but 17 here... I am not even sure if one has to be 18+ If so sorry, lived in more than one country (Costa Rica, and the US to be exact) My mom was a day trader a while back, she had 5 strokes and had to call it quits.

    She personally doesn't believe in BO, but I'd like to give it a try once I'm 18 and am trying to find out all I can about this, seems very interesting.

    I know the basics of candlesticks as I'd stay up at night if my mom decided to trade into the night etc...

    But apart from that, I am a noobie, looking forward to suggestions from experienced traders!
    I'd also say I'm pretty mature, so I think I can handle it, of course one can never be mature, smart enough etc...


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    Hey welcome to CommuniTraders!

    It is great you found our forum Actually you are right that in order to be eligible to trade binary options you need to be 18+, but as you are almost there it won't be any problem if you try it on demo. Also other important thing, if you are US citizen than the only broker you will be allowed to trade (when you become 18 ) is NADEX. We have review on this broker here and also a guide how to trade binary options on NADEX here
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    Thank you for the info!

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    Hi welcome to BOTS. Yes this is not a get rich overnight trade. Study is a long process but can be achieved. We are here to help
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    WElcome aboard! Kolyo is right, you want to stick with NADEX for now.If you have questions don't hesitate to ask me, we also have a nice NADEX forum with lots of great threads.

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    Welcome to the party!

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    Welcome to Communitraders! Use bots recommended brokers.

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    Hey welcome! We have a school you can start reading at and a YouTube channel with plenty of helpful tips.
    Trading requires lots of time and experience so by the time you gone through all the stuff and gained some skills you will be
    well above 18. I know because we have had others before you who were just below 18 when they were about to start
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