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    Communitraders Hall Of Fame/ The Temple Of Trading !!!

    Because the Trader of the Month contest has been met with such approval from the community, and because we're all about community, we've decided to expand upon it. That's what this thread is all about. It is to be a hall of fame of sorts, featuring all of our past, current and future winners. What I will be posting here are the winners and their winning posts. The thread will be closed to all other posting, if you want to show your respect “thank” the posts of the winners you like best.

    If you are looking for a trading buddy, a mentor, a teacher, a trader whose ideas you'd like to learn and follow then this is the place to find one. Here you will find the top traders in our community, and the ones actively using it to further the community and their own trading ability. Within this hallowed thread are traders who have exhibited a combination of traits not limited to merely winning a trade. Anyone can win a trade and post about it, it takes truly dedicated student of the market and member of our community to make a trade post worthy of Trader of the Month.

    What does it take? First off it takes participation. After all, you have to be in it to win it. After that we're looking for trades that make great educational lessons for the community. The lesson could be one learned by the trader making the most or a textbook example of price action, technical signals, strategy, analysis or anything else of value to the community.

    How do you win? Like I said, you have to be in it to win it which means a nomination. You can nominate yourself, nothing wrong with that, or someone else whose trades and posts have had an impact on you. Nominations are open all month long and can be made here, Nominations For Trader Of the Month. There is no requirement for nomination, you can be a long-time member in good standing or a relative newbie like some of our past winners. All that matters is a great post.

    What to Do and How

    A detailed explanation of the trade. You don't have to write a book but tell us what was going on, what the signal was, why you took it, the expiry you choose and the outcome. I know it sound like a lot but come on, it's only a few sentences.
    A screen shot. With annotations. A plain old shot that says I took the signal and bought a call with no arrows or indication of WHICH signal you took, where your entry was and where your expiry was does us no good. If we have to try and decipher what you're telling us then you've not met the educational goal of the contest. Remember, a picture is worth a 1,000 words so let your screen shot do the talking for you.
    Trade entries will be clearly defined and based on solid and recognizable technical analysis. It's also OK if you're following a signal service but again, you have to be able to tell us WHY the trade was taken and we won't tolerate BS.

    Where to Post?

    Where are you supposed to post? In your trading diaries of course! We want you to keep using your diaries like you always have, posting trades using your favorite platform like you've always done. If you haven't started a diary yet or intend to let me assure you, it is not a waste of time. Trading diaries are the foundation of your learning experience. They anchor all that you learn, allow you to discuss and build upon what you learn and provide a springboard for success. Go start a trading diary now if you already haven't, if you have it's time to make a post. :-)

    Where to Vote?
    Where do you vote? Another easy question to answer, in the Trader of the Month Thread! The Trader of the Month is our little way of encouraging all of you to make great posts. We aren't just looking for self-congratulatory back patting when you win a trade, we want real time, hard edged, no BS trades with before/after screen shots, commentary on the what/why/how/when/where and any other educational tidbits that might be pertinent. If you think you have what it takes to be Trader of the Month don't hesitate to nominate yourself, if you find a post you think is worthy nominate it too!

    Trader Of The Month!

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    Winners receive the glory of being enshrined here, in our Hall of Fame, as well as a handy little badge for your profile. The badges appear under the handle and profile picture with every post made so that all will know who's been Trader of the Month and who's just blowing smoke. Badges come in three colors, green blue and purple, and awarded in levels. The first time you win you get a green badge, if you win 3 times you get a blue badge and if you win 10 times a purple one.

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    The Communitraders Hall Of Fame! !!!

    This is the official list of all Trader Of The Month Winners,

    you know, what we call

    the Communitraders Hall of Fame!

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