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    Hi, I'm Ian King and wondered if anyone can help me with some trouble I've had ..... !!!

    Hi there, can anyone help or advise me regarding two brokers, the first one is OptionsXO which appears to have ceased trading, I have a substantial some lodged with them, can anyone help me locate them please ?

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    Well, I would first try these emails:

    But then again, I am sure they have packed, taken all the money and are now relaxing on some hot Island and having
    a tequila shot contest. Do you have lots of money on that account with them? Try your regulatory in your country, I am sure
    many others have the same issue!
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    Hi Ian,

    I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you. Something similar happened to me and I was able to recover some of my money through a third party company called Hope you get your money and take their place on that nice island drinking tequilla!!

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    I try to work with them but after a few communication I found out that they're scammers. I'm sorry about to hear about your problem.

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    Hi, ikingy1!
    Sorry for what has happened to you. I hope you didn't invest too much in this fake service and I wish you a fast recovery! Most traders can share similar stories especially in the beginning of their trading career when they had little experience. You should always check your broker's reputation before you open a real account with money in it. Keep this in mind next time. Good luck!

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