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    Price Action !!!

    Hi, I am a bit of a newbie to binary, I have been been reading through posts/journals on here and I get the impression that instead of using a strategy I need to learn price action. Can someone point me on the right direction of where to find this info please?

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    Hey there!
    Glad you read through some diaries.
    Now, did you understand what price action is? I mean, did it make sense why you would need to learn price action instead
    of following a mechanical strategy that randomly picks expiries and directions?

    Well, the answer is pretty straight forward:
    Price action is the study of markets. It studies market direction, market patterns,
    market conditions like volatility, currency correlation and much more. Now, think about it, how would you trade
    without all that knowledge? So yes, price action is important and all pro traders here will tell you that.


    1. Start here first for some basics:

    2. Next, Check out my price action videos on our YouTube Channel:

    The playlist on price action specially! It's difficult at first and will take you a good amount of time because
    Price action is experience based.

    3. Read more diaries! Check our CommuniTraders Live Skype Group diary to
    see the some of best PA traders in action.

    4. If you wish, join the Skype Group too.!
    Live Webinar: Hidden Content
    Join My Skype Group: Hidden Content

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    Thanks a lot for this, I will start reading through the material and watching the videos.

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    Hello Ryback!

    Okane recorded videos price actions.

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    Yeah I am currently watching them on the YouTube channel (price action playlist)

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