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    Hope to receive an answer !!!

    Where in this forum can I ask if a signal provider is any good ?
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    Legendry Member Michael Hodges's Avatar
    This is an ok place. In the signals room or scams exposed room might be better but this is fine. What signal service are you looking at... but just FYI, we don't like signal services all that much around here.

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    This is a sensitive subject so be careful In two words yes it is possible to ask here or better in signals room or scams exposed, but it is not allowed to give a review of signal or personal experience unless it is in Intro Business Room. That's it. If you have other questions feel free to ask
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    We're not signal provider. We prefer to do education purpose to explain trades we did it. We use trading dairies.

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    You'll probably get scammed.

    Signal providers a not a plus to your trading. Especially when you need to deposit, it'll be 99% sure a scam.

    Signal providers are signal flags to avoid that area. Learn trading yourself, it's not that difficult and you don't have to pay for your own 'signals'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BOILERROOM View Post
    Dear traders,
    Thank you for your answers, I was looking at ( I am receiving free signals and they are pretty good, but they alse have professional signals, you have to deposit 1000 Euro to receive them. . Its a lot of money and I'm afraid I get scammed once again.
    Please respect the rules in the forum.

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    Thanks SeasaltMcFish !!! Sorry Milos I am a newbie

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    I've personally researched hundreds of signal providers, checked their sites, offers, reviews on other sites, even their signal quality but can say from this experience 99% of all signals are scam. They want you to deposit money with a broker they are affiliated and most probably you will never see your money back or at best you will see them back but with some loss. Most providers give random or little above random signals from some kind of rigid technical system. There are periods these signals are doing pretty well, there are periods they are doing very bad. If you play long with them you will lose money for sure. The signal providers are not seasoned traders, they are seasoned marketers and scammers in 99%. This should answer your question. If you still believe your providers is among the 1% that eventually may give you some profit than go for it!
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Hey Kolyo thank you so much for your reply !! Very helpfull, and I will not try that signal provider, almost lost 1000 Euro for sure ( deposit they are asking ), well I'll keep trying and studying, maybe one day I'll be profitable. Have a wonderfull evening and thanks again !

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    Trading is not get rich quick, if you want to do money fast, definitely not the best place, but it is doable and if you have the commitment you can learn how to read market, how to find your own advantage and to be profitable in the long run. The sky is the limit but it is not something to get quickly. It takes years of mastery. Don't go for the holy grail strategy. Markets always change you always have to understand them, adapt, be careful when the situation is not clear, be aggressive when the odds are on your side and move forward. If you want you can learn a lot from the guys here.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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