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    In regards too the stigma surrounding binary options... !!!

    Hello everyone and happy trading.

    I am writing this post today to discuss the stigma that is held against binary options.

    Here are two short articles and one post by Forbes, keep in mind this is just a few of many similar posts.

    If you do not want to read up on them, a general summary is that these people, some claiming to work for brokerages claim there is no way to ever be profitable from trading options, keep in mind the first two articles are around 4 years old, while the forbes one is about 7, so right at the mainstream breakage of binary options.

    I myself am a self-taught trader, I blew out my first and only investment about half a year ago, I attest this to poor money management/beginner mistakes, however.

    My question is from the traders here who consider themselves a "success" what was the road like getting there and how bumpy was it? What amount of money generated now consistently do you achieve to consider it successful?

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    My profession opinion that binary options isn't scam or gambling. Its regular product in the financial industry. But bad people offer a lot of promotion how to make millions in short time period. You can make 20-30% retained profit per month. Its normal profit.

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    These are very old stuff. The article in Forbes actually was written 7 years ago from some journalist who has never been a trader. I can say binary options are legitimate instrument. Unfortunately the extremely aggressive marketing tactics from many binary brokers generate a mountain of bad reviews, scammed clients and the general public in many countries received a negative view of the entire industry. There are of course many problems with trading BO like low return on trade sometimes as low as 70% but if you have good return 80-85-90% and if you know what you are doing you can profit like with any other way of trading like CFD, spread betting, direct futures or stocks trading. There are some millionaire traders. Yes they are rare exceptions, but in which business you can say that millionaires are not exceptions? Many traders including some members of our community are generating income more or less consistent. Not something extraordinary but steady over the long run. If somebody don't believe that trading can make you money better not trade at all.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    yeah, those articles are so outdated as to have no bearing on the current state of binary options.

    get an account at NADEX and trade there.... CFTC baby, CFTC.

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