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    “Winning strategy” - free webinar from ProTrade Academy !!!

    Hi Guys,

    I’d like to invite you all to join ProTrade Academy free “A winning strategy” webinar, which will take place at October 23rd.
    Why you should AT LEAST check this webinar?
    1) It’s 100% free
    2) You can learn real trading from real traders
    3) You will take part in special give-away - We will draw 3x Tickets for two with accommodation in selected (Berlin, New York or London) ProTrade Academy offline event

    Want to know more? Check our website: ProTrade Academy, you can find in Google
    You can also register there. Hurry up, if you want to have a chance in give-away!

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    How much does your offline course/event cost?
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    Do you have any link? I want to see. I hope so I could learn something more.

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    One post and you believe someone will follow your offer? First of all I can't find your ProTrade Academy on google. Only thing I found is this thread here in CommuniTraders If you want to do something more serious why don't you do it properly and correctly to the members here. Explain more in depth what you are offering, participate in discussions and than show a link to your webinar. This is just a friendly advise.
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    It exists business page in the bots forum. You can post in relate to the bots rules. We also can further discuss about this and share each other our trading experience and trading skills.

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    Can you you provide us with your website or your link??
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