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    Can you trade on weekends with EZTrader?

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    I think you can get that information from their FAQ or talk to their customer service.
    Hope this helps

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    Hm, I don’t think there is a broker who allows you to trade during weekends, as the markets are not active at that time. If you could it will surprise me.

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    NOpe, no trading over the weekend but you can usually buy one touch options ONLY on the weekends. However, I do not recommend trading one touch, it is just to risky for me without some form of hedging strategy.

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    has anyone guess do a withdrawal in EZtrader or GLOBALOPTION? They are the same business....

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    Why do you think they are the same business?

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    they have said to me...are the same business and the same person at support. Any time you write Eztrader support and contest GLOBALOPTION support...

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    I didn’t know they are the same. It couldn’t be supposed as their sites look differently, but I will not be surprised if it is. I hope everything will be ok and you will receive your profit. If you succeed post here to know that the situation was resolved successfully. I wish you good luck cuidado412!

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    Thank you, I will update the information !!!

    I will update all the information...DOn´t doubt, they are the same business what GLOBAL OPTION(WGM Services Limited) and they share support, payment method....

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