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    Junior Member Aravins's Avatar
    Hi guys, has anyone made profit and withdrawn from this company? This is the MOST important thing for me, after reading reveiws and some feedback on youtube, choosing the right broker is the key. Gret website

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    Hi, Aravins! Why did you decide to trade with IOption. I am interested which are your most important conditions to chose particular broker?

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    The most important for is the withdrawal. I need fast and secure way to withdraw my money. There are some brokers, which don't allow you to withdraw even your initial deposit before fulfill their 20 or 30x wager, which is ridiculous! BOTS have to ban all these brokers. The second most important factor for me is the platform stability and the range of instruments and expiration times. The wider is the number of different expiration times the better!

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    Hi Aravins,

    You couldn't be sure that your withdrawals will be ok unless you deposit your money
    But this is really important, sometimes the scam brokers allows you to withdraw first time to give the confidence that everything is ok, but when you made some bigger gains they do everything possible to not give you the money and than you realize that you are the next victim of the scammers..

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    Ioption criminal !!!

    Ioption are CRIMINALS!!!! All my $1000 went like that.. I sold some trades using thier metal platform to avoid risk and it wont go, they freeze it, and eventually lost all my $1000.. Loads of hidden lies they wont tell you from the start, They lied to convince you, but when you have deposited you will begin to see the hidden lies and deceit. Ioption is a complete FRAUD company and should be stopped from this wicked and devilish act.

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    Specialist Member runneroption's Avatar
    Hi, could you explain in more details what happened, because I couldn’t understand! What does it mean ‘the platform freeze and eventually lost all my $1000’ if you place your binary options trades you couldn’t sell them whenever you want unless they are some special type, so what was the real problem during your trading?

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    I was conned, after i deposited. lots of things i wasnt told from the start..i wanted to withdraw after i finished my risk trades, i was told i cant withdraw, that i will meet certain turnover thats impossible in this world. I deposited $1000, when i finished the risk trades i was having $1780. They have where you can sell out before the expiry if its going ur way or not(metal platform)but they will willingly wont allow it go, so u can be trapped, they did this to me, all what they tell you is, the technical support says you didnt try to sell. whereas you tried countlessly, they were upgrading and wont let you know, and cant sell. If i have were i can report them on this case, i will do that with immediate effect!! Thier sales representatives Mark Alan conned me and lied to me, never told me the hidden lies involved. I wanted to withdraw my capital after when i have noticed thier lies, they refused said i cant, that i have to meet up $40,000 rollover thats vividly a tall mountain to climb. They are devil and criminals.

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    Specialist Member RCox's Avatar
    I obviously don't know much about your story but I have no problem believing that there are underhand tactics in a lot of the available companies. This is mostly because Binary Options is a relatively new type of trading and it attracts a lot of people with a gambling mentality. Its generally thought that these people won't be able to defend themselves or even know when something is wrong, so BO can be a dangerous environment if you dont know what you are doing. I think a good way of knowing a good broker from a bad broker is simply reading their market analysis. If it looks good, there is less of a chance they will be unscurpulous in other areas.

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    Hello Wisdom i belive you were con ioption is manipulating the platform i am an inside source now about your freezing its very importent can you tell me more about it
    I would like to give me my email that we can contact and bring them dowen i got stuff on them and more evidence is more power to do something about it

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