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    StockPair Live Discussion Forum !!!

    StockPair Forum Share and Research Binary Options information and communicate with other Traders. All Traders are welcomed. Feel free to start a live Discussion or ask team questions.

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    Do you know does stockpair have extend/rollover option type?

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    Yes they have extend/rollover feature, but they have even something more interesting - the unique Pair Options, where you could trade a pair of two assets and gain if you find out which one will perform better. They have also the widest available variety of expiry times from 15 mins to a few months. They don’t have 60 sec, but this is not a problem as in my view 60 sec are junk options.

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    Absolutely the ultimate winner of the price best broker! I already trade with them and have absolutely no complains. I traded with them before finding they are BOTS top leader of the brokers, but now could say you are very accurate in your scale.

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    Hi, guys! I want to share with you my excitement of my first real trade with StockPair. I join the StockPair few days ago and deposit 400$. My first trade was a winner and I made over 80% on it. The next one was loser and the third again winner! I strictly risk 2% of my initial investment, so there is no place for tears. I will start slowly with 3-4 trades a week and will share what are the results after one month
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    I am also new client of StockPair, I am so happy that I discover it! It will not happen without all the reviews I read in BOTS site! After the registration, the support contact me for a little introduction of the website and give me further instructions. Very friendly customer support and very good website.

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    Do you know what kind of platform the StockPair offer. Is it the same platform for Binaries and Pairs trading?

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    The StockPair platform is unique. It has no analogues in other brokers. It combines both of them Binary Options and Pair Options in one platform. My overall impression from my first several weeks trading with them is excellent!

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    I opened a new account with StockPair last week. Tomorrow will be my first day trading and will give you more details about my first impressions, but for now they are excellent! The customer support was great and the interaction with them was very fast and with no problems.

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    Has Anyone Had Any Problems With StockPair Price Manipulation? !!!

    Some people say they have. I want some more input from you guys.

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