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    AnyOption Live Discussion Forum !!!

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    Does anybody know is the anyoption platform translated in French? Also is it very user-friendly or not? Thanks in advance!

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    I think they have and also their platform is nice. I have an account from several days and already start to test it.

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    Anyoption !!!

    the thing i want to know is if u can make huge profits like $10,000 and still be able to withdraw with anyoption

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    Yes Walespro, if you trade with a trusted broker like Anyoption is, which is reviewed and examined well you could be sure that it is almost sure you will be able to withdraw your profits independently of their size. There are some limitation of the size of a single binary option, so probably you couldn't make 10,000$ with a single trade, but with if you make it with several trades the profit will be your I am sure.

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    thanks thomas do u use anyoption

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    Yes Walespro, I have an account with them it is quite new, from several weeks, but I feel very comfortable with it and they have great support too.

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    so it means thomas u have not yet made trades nor profits nor withhdrawals

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walespro View Post
    bronx it will be helpful if u said which one so as we avoid them.Pliz who were the two brokers u had experience with thats why we are here to know which broker to take part in and which ones we should avoid
    The brokers I had accounts previously were EUOption and OptionWorld. I could not say they are scam, but there were a lot of problems and issues regarding trading, platform and also withdrawal procedure, so I will never trade again with them. I think you could trust the BOTS reviews and chose among the best brokers already found by others.

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    thanks bronx you were mighty helpful.

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