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    My tips to the House !!!

    I found this tips some months ago and it really helped me in no small way so i decided to give back to the community. Follow the tips . There are three types of people in almost every forum.

    1. people that see the information, read it and bookmark it without implementing it.

    2. people that read it and follow the tips

    3. people that read it and criticize it.

    Which one are you?
    Here are the tips. hope it helps.

    Binary options are traded in the way of more limited risk than trading in forex due to the fact that when you purchase a binary option position, a deal is made which allows you to have a right to buy a security asset at the price in the given moment. In other words, traders are able to be aware of the risk that they are taking by entering the position at that time and there will not be any more loss than they agree to invest.

    The rules are very simple, (i) the option is placed “in the money” if the entry ends or expires above the strike price in a call option or below it in a put (ii) an option is placed “out of the money” if it expires beneath the strike price in call option or above it in a put.

    Usually the payout is between 65% up to 90% depending on which trading tools and which assets you are investing on. There is also sometimes a refund option of 5 to 15% of your investments for those expiring out of the money. As you see, binary option trading is simple and straightforward to understand. There are of course risks for losing your investments but this is considered as a large resource of making profits in less than a few minutes sometimes even a few seconds.

    Below are some valuable tips for trading in binary options that should be helpful for you to start earning in a good:

    First Tip – Slowly Slowly
    If you are a beginner in binary options, the most important tip that you should keep in mind is to get started to enter your financial investments at a slow and steady step. The initial investment should be a small amount up to $100 because it will help you to make earnings slowly but steadily. BY gaining more experience you may want to invest bigger amounts but you should bear in mind putting a large amount could be a risky investment.

    Second Tip – Information Savvy
    Despite the fact that binary trading is easy and straightforward, traders should begin their trading after doing proper research and study of the system. They should become well-informed on the general market conditions and scrutinize a range of factors that impacts the market. There are many websites, software, charts, and newsletters which are good sources of information for understanding the position of the market.

    Third Tip – Choose Brokers
    Another good way for success in binary options trading is to choose good binary options brokers. Some brokers are well known than others and have good reputations in specific assets. You can take a look at our Broker Reviews and get some more tips about where you should trade in.

    Fourth Tip – Time and Payout%
    The time factor needs to be considered as well as payout %. At binary options, there are variety of trading tools with different closing time and each assets/trading tools have its own payout % depending on how volatile the assets are. For example, the trading tool called “60 Seconds” has only one minute to end your entry after placing your investments and the payout % tends to be lower than other trading tools such as High/Low because it is likely to win rather easier in “60 Seconds” than other ones. Therefore you should be always keeping in mind what trading conditions you are at now.

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    A good article for starters.
    Btw, which kind of people do u like? The one who critisize ur article, follow ur article or the ones who just read and move forward...

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    Also to get good use of Rollover and double-ups which may have a big impact on the final output....

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    You havnt replied and it looks like u havnt revisited this thread. But anyway, I think beginners should start with practice accounts (demo accounts). Steps to start binary options r very similar to forex trading. There r some differences which can be learnt once u start practicing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M.J View Post
    A good article for starters.
    Btw, which kind of people do u like? The one who critisize ur article, follow ur article or the ones who just read and move forward...
    Haha. This is a very nice question. I know that it wasn't directed at me, but I like those who would place a comment on my article (criticism or praise) rather than the ones who just read it.

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