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Thread: All about Terry

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    All about Terry !!!


    I am British and was born in Milford Haven S. Wales, United Kingdom. I have been living in the USA, about 100 miles west of New York, for almost 8 years with my wife, Chrissy. We have three daughters living here with us, Vicky, Beth and Becky, and I have a son, Jonathan, who lives in the UK.

    I have extensive Forex and Binary Option experience and have been a top trading consultant on Elance for many years. In particular, I had been trading Forex for almost a decade. During this period, I have conducted literally thousands of experiments on this subject with the intent of breaking down myths and generating successful trading strategies and procedures.

    Specifically, I have been intensely involved in the following trading activities during this time:

    Trading Forex and Binary Options successfully, although only after a number of years, I must stress
    Ghost writing Forex and Binary Options books and articles.
    Designing Forex and Binary Options trading Strategies
    Developing Forex Robots and Expert Advisors
    Forex and Binary Options Article Writing

    I have a very large number of trading articles published on the internet. Here are four sample links:

    I have also ghost-written ebooks on Forex and Binary Options trading. For example, I produced the Forex Frontiers trilogy currently on sale on Amazon.

    Please visit:-

    In addition, I have supploed Daily Market Reviews and Weekly Newsletters for a number of clients on a regular basis instructing how best to trade Forex, stocks, commodities and indices using Binary Options. As an integral part of these services, I have also generated daily trading tips for use with Binary Options resulting in a 70% success rate on average over the last six months.

    Good luck with your trading.


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    Wow Terry. It's Good to know you!

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    How are you doing, Terry?

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