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    tcardoso was here !!!


    tcardoso here.

    I'm new to trading world, except for some minor attempts in forex, etc. in the past.

    I'll be following this forum and doing lot of research before using a demo account and so on, so hope I can get lots of knowledge from successful traders.


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    Hello and welcome tcardoso.
    It is always good to see a newcomer joining us especially a beginner in trading. Your questions will refresh our knowledge and I will be more than happy to help u. As u said that u have a little experience of forex.. So how was that?

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    Hi M.J,

    Forex for me was a quick in and out grap some little money I was willing to lose (not so much invest) and tried it, just to know a little more about the world of trading at that time. Then different areas appeared and I follow other paths. Now lets see if I have time for binary

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    Binary will hopefully be more exciting for u than forex. It is quicker but with less stress and u dun need to be Pro to read market. In forex u always have to worry about TP and SL. But here u dont need to go in that much details. Just predict a trend and thats all... That doesnt mean gambling. You still need to understand market behavior and trends.

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