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    A newbie first time !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bogdan G View Post
    I've just finished reading it and I really enjoyed it. Although I like the whole article and I'm looking forward to the Time Management Guide, this is my favorite part: "If you’re a part time trader and you’re trading with your rent money, you’re in the wrong business mate. Stop now before you lose it all." Best piece of advice you could ever give to newbies. Lol, I'm considering using it as my signature.
    Hi, I am been reading for 2 months about Binary Options,trying to choose which one to register far I like Any Option and Win Option,
    and I just signed up for this Binary Forum last week, I do appreciate the content, and thanks to every one.
    Talk to you later

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    Welcome Dani5121.

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    Hey Dani, whichever broker you decide to trade with, try to make sure that they offer some educational materials, a reliable news feed and a user friendly interface. There is nothing more frustrating that losing money because they trading platform itself is too confusing.

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    Hi Dani, glad to have you here.
    Let me ask you a question and please don't take it the wrong way: Do you have trading experience? If the answer is "No", then do you really think that your first step should be choosing a broker? ...Maybe something else is more important. Money is hard to get and easy to lose.

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