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    5 Simple Steps for Better Time Management !!!

    Hi guys, as promised - my 5 tips for efficient time management

    Originally Posted by Martin K. For the Full article click here.

    1.Establish a specific time to trade daily.
    2. After setting up trading hours, adjust your everyday tasks so they’ll fit your trading plans.
    3. Now that you’ve organized your day so nothing will interfere with your trading hours, it’s time to prepare for trading.
    4. Trading Specialization – the positive side effect of limited trading hours.
    5. When your trading hours have passed, call it a day.
    6. Think about tomorrow.

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    A good advice.
    That is what u call Professionalism. Professional attitude can save u from a lot of troubles. It makes ur life easy by minimizing frustration, greed and indiscipline etc.

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    I also advocate for such a plan. Because it removes the over-trading and potential over-analysis.

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    For me time management is the most important part of my trading. I set up precisely when to trade and when not to trade and thus avoid some excessive overtrading or selecting bad periods.

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    I prefer mostly trading during America trading Session and also trade only fixed number of hours, most often just 1 or two hours a day. That way I am ensuring no pressure or distraction will affect me when trading.

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    Specialization is always the key. Trading fewer pairs and choosing fewer time frames helps me to stay more focused and more accurate when analyzing markets and monitoring my trades. Good tips.

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    I agree with the others that there are no bad or good strategies. You just have to learn a lot so you can apply all the potential of a given strategy and see if it works for you and than after trying a few, you can pick the one that is most profitable for your skills.
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    I believe that one of the worst things that can happen to a trader is chronic overtrading. Those are the hours when you lose the most.

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    Nice tread. Time management and proper organization are very important in activities that involve concentration. Even when doing less dangerous stuff like for example studying, it’s always easier to find and establish the time for it. It makes it way more efficient.

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    I’d add one more – sleep well. It’s stupid to say this, but when you haven’t slept for 7-8 hours straight, you’ll most likely fail

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