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    60 Seconds Binary Options Trading - What do you Think? Trading or Gambling?? !!!

    Hi guys, Trading 60 Seconds Options became quite popular today. I'm happy to introduce 6 opinions of our expert traders and their thoughts on 60 Seconds Trading. Let the discussion begin - 60 Seconds: Trading? Gambling? Both? Should I trade 60 seconds solo?

    Check out the Full Article Here: 6 Opinions, 60 Seconds by Expert Traders.

    It’s no secret that 60 Seconds trading became very trendy those days. More and more traders, existing traders and newbies as one, begin trading 60 seconds options, using this very short time frame as an opportunity to generate high profits in a very short time frame. have asked 6 top traders to share their thoughts on 60 seconds with the traders community, yet, the ultimate question remained unsolved – Goldmine or Landmine?

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    I still think that 60 second options are too risky and unnecessary...I know waiting for each hour can be a pain so its ok if you want to use the 60 seconds I just don't.

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    @ Michael Hodges --> Think about scalping style in forex trading. You can call 60 seconds method a scalping method in binary options. From a scalper point of view, this is perfect and the only option they have.

    You r concerned about risks. Yes it is risky if u r risking too much money on it. It is all about management and ur style. I agree with u that if we compare longer term options with 60-seconds, 60-seconds is for those who know market better than most.

    My Opinion --> If u r not a greedy gambler type person but u still think that u can make good profit with 60-seconds option then ask urself HOW? If answer to this HOW is logical then go for it otherwise NEVER make a mistake. You can blow ur account in less than 60 minutes if u think it is a cash machine which drops cash every 60-seconds.

    Other 6 opinions by Martin, Bogdan, T.Allen, Richard, Graham and Michael r worth reading. If u r a newbie then read T.Allen and Michael's opinion.. These r written especially for those who r blindfolded by so called "6-figure" and "millionaire" type systems. Coz these people consider 60-seconds option another opportunity to become richest man in the world.

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    This is a great discussion. Trading has its basis in risk management. And correct predictions. The reason more people may go for longer time frames is because they can use less noisy (easy trend spotting)charts on these longer time frames and predict easier, where the market is going. 60 seconds time frames are too choppy for lack of a better word. I see movements of upto 30 pips in minutes-either way. thats a pretty large swing.

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    Anything can work if used properly and with the right mindset, but how can we expect a novice that doesn't know how to draw a trend line to have a professional approach to 60 sec trading or to anything else related to financial instruments?

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    60 seconds is a hit or miss game with no analysis required ...not my type though

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    The comment that 60 seconds trading in options is similar to scalping when spot trading is largely correct. There are some differences in that scalping trades are generally closed the moment profits present themselves whereas in options there will be additional time limitations that force a certain rules structure to the trade. Personally, I don't think trading in this way is worth the extra effort. You must be highly focused on charts and then be nimble enough to spot trading opportunities on a very short term basis. So ultimately I just think that it is too much stress and work and I see very little reason why anyone would choose these methods over longer term strategies.

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    There is nothing stopping anyone attempting to gamble using 60 seconds binary options just that the odds are not in their favor. This is because you lose more when you are out-of-the-money then you do when in-the-money, i.e. about 10% to 15%. This infers that over the long haul you will simply lose out.

    I suppose that leaves trying to utilize a more scientific approach as the only viable option, such as designing a strategy. What are the chances of success? To start with the 1 minute chart generates poorer quality statistics than its longer term counterparts. This also infers that technical indicators will be less ineffective. In addition, your trading platform needs to be very accurate at executing and closing trades and not prone to re-quotes and the like. You need spreads to be as low as possible.

    However, having said all that there is certainly a strong incentive to design a 60 second binary options strategy. This is because you can potentially profit from a larger number of trading opportunities. Also, by compounding your returns you could theoretically grow your account exponentially. For example, envisage that your 60 seconds strategy produced 5 wins in less than 4 hours. Your initial wager is $1,000 and the payout ratio is 75%. As such, you would collect over $16,400 in that time period if you re-invested your winning each time. That is certainly worth getting out of bed for.

    In addition, there are many articles on the internet claiming that some traders have become quite wealthy by doing just that. Odd that as it is only you and I who never manage to attain this nirvana. I have done almost everything possible in an effort to reverse this trend but to no prevail.

    Dismissing the Keith Jones Martingale trash, many strategies can be located by Googling a search such as ’60 second binary options strategies’. If just one of them generated reasonable results then that would be quite a find. I agree with the above comment stating that you can get almost any strategy to work if you apply enough time and effort.

    I would really like to attempt to study 60 second trading but I do not have the time after consuming years perfecting my present strategies which are now bearing fruit. As anyone else had any luck in doing so?

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    I suppose like our trading experts say - 60 seconds trading has its good and bad points. The bad points are probably much much more. But it is definitely worth a try and if the profits roll in, then by all means go ahead with it. But the problem is that like Martin says it is hard to determine the movement of a security over an extremely short time-frame like 60 seconds.
    It really seems more like a fun activity as Bogdan suggests. Anyway, it is the brokers that are going to be laughing to the bank the more traders indulge in this type of trading.

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    do or die i must say.... more of a gambling thing and trying your luck thing....

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