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    Bogdan speaking !!!

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Bogdan C, I’m from Romania and contrary to what you may believe, this is not an alt of Bogdan G. I'm 32 years old, I have a finance diploma and spent some years around trading. Traded forex just a bit, then been looking for the holy grail with MT4/MT5. Founded for mql5 programmers (it's still being read now, 2 years after it stopped being active). But I've always been interested in binaries, and followed the rise and fall of the world's first binary broker, BetOnMarkets. Alas, I could never find a way to trade the way I wanted. This year I found another broker and made a a lot of money (at the time). However things changed and there is no indication the situation is going to improve, so I decided to launch my own site about binary options, . Because it's important that people know how binary options should look and what should be on the table. It's time to wage a war against the brokers and get the kind of service we all deserve.

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    Hey Bogdan C,
    I checked out your site and it seems cool . I just googled 'Bogdan'. I had no idea it was such a popular name!! I look forward to reading and commenting on your site. Thanks for sharing.

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    I think the name was popular in Romania by the time I was born. It's a slavic name and means "given by God".

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    That is a great work with the site.

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