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    Top 4 Market Moves of the Week - 26-31/12/12 !!!

    Hi guys, first, Merry Christmas from bogdan, and second, top 4 market moves!!

    Originally posted by Bogdan G. for more info on these events click here.

    1. United States Unemployment Claims
    12/27/2012 – Thursday at 1:30 pm GMT

    2. United States CB Consumer Confidence
    12/27/2012 – Thursday at 3:00 pm GMT

    3. United States New Home Sales
    12/27/2012 – Thursday at 3:00 pm GMT

    4. United States Pending Home Sales
    12/28/2012 – Friday at 3:00 pm GMT

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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! I wish everyone peace and prosperity in 2013. The US Pending Home Sales event predictions netted me some good gains!
    As for the United States New Home Sales, the number put there by Bogdan, 395k, turned out to be a little too high!
    Overall, pretty mixed week of trading with Consumer Confidence down and at the same time the good news of unemployment claims being lower than 365K.
    Santa Claus definitely came to town for me!

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