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Thread: How to post

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    How to post !!!

    Hi guys, if you see this then I am through .. I cant post a single thrread

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    Yeeaaaaaaaaah, I can, so happy

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    Hi milboj,
    Welcome to the forum! If you have any problems with posting don't hesitate to ask. Could you present yourself? Where are you from? How did you get involved with binary options trading?

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    welcome to Forum. i think before posting anything you should read this page to get knowledge.
    You will get you all answers there. Happy posting

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    Could someone explain me how I can view the post of a certain day or certain period.

    Because I do not want to miss any posts came in the forum. I always check the latest
    posts, but if I miss a particular day/days how can I check them ?

    I went through the above link of raymond09, but I cant find an answer for my ?.

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    Eureka ! I found out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zanadu View Post
    Eureka ! I found out
    Great !! (:

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