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    Cool greetings from Africa !!!

    Hi, guys! My name is Melissa and I'm from Johannesburg. Here is hot summer and if you guys live in the northern part of the earth will only dream for such weather I started trading binaries two months ago and could say it is really exciting, still need a lot to learn so will be thankful for your help and advices

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    Hello Melissa. Welcome .
    You r enjoying summer and we r shivering here. Hopping for a little less cold weather in coming days.

    You r new to binary world but u havnt told about any past trading experience in other fields like forex. Usually novice traders do not enjoy their starting weeks and months in trading world coz, most of the time, market behaves opposite to what they think. If initial two months r exciting then u must be having some past experience.

    Above all, I will be glad to help u in this world of binary options.

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    Welcome Melissa.

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    Hi Melissa,

    Nice to meet you! It will be greater if I meet you personally but that could happen some day If you have any questions ask all of us, will help with joy!

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