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    The Fractal Guru Strategy – a New Way of Trading !!!

    Hi guys! Bogdan G presents to us his new review on the Fractal Guru Strategy. It is some kind of advanced modification of the fractals, created by Bill Williams and very different from the Fractals used in mathematics. Read the full review and give your opinion does this strategy suck or not?

    Originally posted by Bogdan G on school. Click here for the full review.

    How to use the “Fractal Guru Strategy”

    The strategy is relies heavily on the ADX and we only take Calls when the ADX is rising, the Green dotted line is above the Red dotted line and a complete Fractal appears (all 5 candles are closed). As an extra precaution, we only trade if the candle corresponding to the Fractal arrow has a long wick pointing towards the Fractal and a short wick on the other side.

    Wrapping it up

    I like trend following strategies because they provide good and pretty safe entry points, but I don’t feel that the ADX is the best trend indicator. At least, not used as a main indicator in a strategy. Fractals…too complicated for what they actually do and can be easily re-painted (re-painting occurs when an arrow appears and then disappears when the next candle is printed). Overall, the principle behind it is good, but the tools it uses are just too subjective and can confuse traders. My conclusion is that the individual trader who uses this strategy makes all the difference and it can be profitable for some traders while others will just thrash it and move on.

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    I'll somewhat agree with Bogdan's conclusion ,ADX is though one of the extensive usable indicatoes bt cant fully rely on it.I used to use a combo of MACD+Stochastics+ADX in my early trading days and was very profitable too bt afterall they r some more moving averages in one way or another combined with the 20,50,200 DMA's ....

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    does it also have to do with Parabolic SAR ?? Do we have to monitor that too??

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    does it also have to do with Parabolic SAR ?? Do we have to monitor that too??
    Are you referring to the Fractal Guru Strategy? Because there's nothing related to PSAR there.

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    This Fractal Guru Strategy definitely doesn't suck. I read the review a few times and now it seems simple enough for me! I actually didn't have any trouble with “when the ADX is trending by seeing the blue line rising steadily…” quote until Bogdan pointed out the vagueness of it. Overall, I am extremely pleased with it

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