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    Chat room for tips and singals !!!

    Hi BOTS crew and all people that is signed in

    I have a idea that would be very good for all people

    Why not create a chat room where we could talk each other in real time and give tips and signal for everyone could profit with binary options ?

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    Hi esiconsum,

    It will be really great to have chat for live discussions, but I still think the forum is better place to share your knowledge and opinion. Your posts will be visible to all other traders almost immediately and will stay online forever, so I call for greater activity here in the BOTS forum. There are a lot of rooms dedicated for view sharing and tips, signals and strategies discussion.

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    I personally feel chatroom a great way of communicating with others.
    Chatroom feature is available in few forums. But Kolyo is right. Live chat can be good for quick Q/A but not for all users of forum. For example if u face a problem which is resolved in a chatroom. Only people in the chatroom will get to know about it. If anyone else faces it in future, he will have to ask again. Whereas in forum, it will stay forever.. You can find it easily by using search option.

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    Hi guys

    Your point of view it is very nice but I'm talking in a chat room like a bonus for people. It's obvious that forum is very important ( even our forum as low number of people participating on it ).

    It would be nice if a expert trader could be live at chat room saying to people how he works....
    It could be with scheduled webinars so if anyone want to go for it it could be there listening

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    great idea !!!

    Hi esiconsum,

    Your idea is great! I also found it would be very helpful for the newbie traders to chat directly with the expert ones who will share their job in real time. Be sure that this idea is supported by the BOTS team and will be implemented in the future in the site, probably in the new school section, which is under development. Before that happen I propose you to take a look and participate actively in this room Daily Trading Tips – Trading with the PROS on Binary Options Day Traders Community, Live! There most of the experienced traders will share their views in real time on a daily basis!

    And most of all enjoy your time here!
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    Good Idea. That's why I look forward to site owner to create a chat room so that Newbie can learn easily. On the other hand it is very important to share ones idea. And if any bonus point allows this site then it would be better for us.

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