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    Samuel from Brisbane !!!

    Hi people! My name is Samuel and I live in Australia. I have been here for about one month and still found new articles and topics and continue to learn. I started my live binary options trading 3 month ago and have already gained some experience, but still have problems to make it fully profitable. I am sure with such a great forum I will improve my trading and become a great trader

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    Hi Samuel,

    I am sure you will improve yourself and become really a successful trader!
    You already know that this forum is not only a place to talk, but also to learn and to gain knowledge from others! You are also a valuable member and we will appreciate all your comments

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    That's great! I also continue to learn and already learned a lot during my stay in the forum!

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    Hey Samuel,

    Great to have you here! I think the number one thing is not to rush it; I know it sounds hackneyed. But its true. What I did was to experiment with smaller trades and slowly build up my capital from there. This became my binary trading capital if you will and that's all I use. I do inject about 10 percent of my savings every month too!



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    Welcome aboard, Samuel!

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