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    Australian Jobs Figures to Decide Fate of AUD/USD !!!

    Australian Jobs Figures to Decide Fate of AUD/USD

    Monthly jobs report expected to show an increase of 4,500 jobs, down sharply from the 13,900 posted the previous month.

    But while the number is expected to be lower, this would still be job growth and this release is important for interest rate forecasts. Currently Australia has its lowest interest rate levels in 50 years so we will need to see strong jobs numbers to keep the RBA from further loosening this monetary cycle. A positive number would be bullish for the AUD/USD, and we can look to enter into short term trades after the release since this should direct prices in the pair for most of the day.

    1/17 Trading Tip: Look to buy AUD/USD hourly PUT options after the release if prices break below 1.0550 (likely if we see a negative number). Look to buy AUD/USD hourly CALL options after the release if prices break above 1.0590 (after a positive outcome).
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    The headline jobs number in Australia today actually came in at a decline, showing a loss of -6,300 jobs. This sent the AUD/USD through the expected breakdown point and primary entry level for hourly PUT options, where the pair has stayed for the remainder of the Asian session.

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    Hi RCox,

    This is a great point. I also was ready to trade that number but I expect it to be positive and that’s why it surprised me a bit and I didn’t react on time and didn’t buy a put option..

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    It was really a bit surprising for me that movement.. but it was cool to have such deep levels to buy. I personally made a lot of $ with two daily calls in the early european session

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    A message for all those who trade Aud/usd:

    From my past experience in Aussie pair trading, I would suggest you all NOT to rely on Data for its move.... It often dodges you as it makes opposite move sometimes when important data releases.... It's a TRENDY pair that takes one direction and sticks with it no matter what happens.... Make use of Donchian band or Price action theory to trade aussie, and you would enjoy it Good luck !

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