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Thread: Hi from Texas

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    Hi from Texas !!!

    Hi guys! I am completely new to trading and want to learn more and start real trading as soon as possible!

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    Hi Jephry88,
    Welcome to the forum!
    As you may already know trading is not an easy subject so you have to learn a lot before jumping into it. Just start to read all reviews and articles in the and will start to understand the basics, than start to ask whatever you did not undestand here and the senior members will help you in your way to become a trader

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    Hi Jephry88 and welcome!
    If you want to be sucesfull learn more and start slowly. I am also new to trading but already gained some experience and very soon will see will it works for me
    I wish you a lot of success!

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    Smile !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by jephry88 View Post
    Hi guys! I am completely new to trading and want to learn more and start real trading as soon as possible!
    Hey there Jephry88. Its great to have more people joining in the discussion. I want to say here that I've been on quite a lot of trading forums and this one is truly a blast! There are some very valuable trading tips here and at the same time they are written so that newbies can quickly grasp the matter. Check out this ad that I personally liked very much:

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    haha amazing clip, like Bear Grills in the wild savanna All we felt like that before finding BOTS.. The actor is very good! He could make a movie series on the subject how to survive in the binary options jungle! We will watch carefully all his steps

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    Thanks very much guys! I feel this forum will be the best place for me from now. I already read a lot of subjects and threads and will participate in some of them soon. I hope will learn a lot from you, fellow traders and will become one of you very soon!!!

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    That's great Jephry! Welcome and have a great time here. You will become a really good trader if you keep your mind open and your curiosity at the greatest level, if you strictly follow money management rules and your system. It is really not that hard to learn how to trade. I see it for myself, I started from scratch, from really nothing and now have good basic skills and keep improving every day!

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    Hi Jephry,

    Welcome to Binary Options, these guys below are so right. Don't expect to be a rock star over night. Know that making money trading takes some time

    If you want to get some help come check us out over


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