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    Cool How does 24 hour trading in binary options actually work? !!!

    I know that binary options are great for offering traders the chance to make money around the clock, but I want to know how exactly to time my trades in binary trading. I am talking more about weekday trading with this thread. I know that weekend trading has mostly one-touch options and that too on a couple of currencies (EUR/USD, USD/JPY) and the NASDAQ and silver.

    We can also leave out currencies here since I am aware how the Forex market manages to operate 24 hours a day.

    What I want to know is how US equities are traded. Since I am on the West Coast, its fairly tough for me to gauge what assets are traded at what times or if they are all 24 hours during weekdays. I guess this is true for any time zone, really.

    But getting back to my question, is something like Apple available for 24 hours binary trading or only when the NASDAQ is open. Same goes for indices like the S&P 500 and also commodities like gold/silver or corn and wheat. I am guessing with commodities they should be 24 hours or at least virtually so because most are traded in so many different exchanges.

    How are the options offered at different times of the day during the week? I have all kinds of questions related to the trading hours and so I thought I'd get a discussion going here.

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    US stocks and indexes are only open for entering trades during US market hours, 9:30AM 4:00 Eastern Time Monday through Friday. Binary options, depending on your platform, will be available only when the market is open because that is the only time it is moving (not counting one touch - this is about standard binary). Currencies and commodities can be traded round the clock during the week, for the most part, there may be some times during the day that a commodity is not available due to gaps in market openings. for example, if trading in corn closes in the US it may not open in Australia or Asia for several hours, during that time the options will not be available. On the other side, as the day starts and Asian markets open there is overlap going into the European openings and the US openings that can keep these markets open for long periods of time.

    As for how options are offered that is really up to the broker. I have one account with expirations at the next hour, end of the day, end of the week and end of the month. I have another account with expirations up to 24 hours from purchase. Both offer advantages and disadvantages and can affect the nature of my trades.

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    Thanks a lot Michael. That really clears up a lot of my doubts. I will still use this thread for any questions that come up regarding 24 hour binary trading.

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